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Presented on the following pages are some of the highlights of my wing 
and other related collections, past and present.
This site is presented as a reference to other collectors.
 I do not profess to be an expert by any means, but I will answer questions as best I can.
I will not give values, (so please don't ask), as I only know what
I am willing to pay for something and I am cheap!
I will also not give negative opinions on other collectors or dealers in this field.
If I know something to be a reproduction, I will say so in the description.
All wings are pinback unless otherwise noted.

Why Do I Collect Wings?

I collect wings for many reasons:

  • I love the history associated with them.

  • They are small and easy to display.

  • You don't have to worry about moths eating them.

  • I find them visually appealing.

  • If one of your young children drops one, chances are they won't break.


My Want List:

Gold Flight Nurse - Pinback
 ( NOT Pasquale)
Theater made USAAF wings
Drop me an email
(with asking price) if you have something!


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