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Naval Aviator

70mm Navy Pilot "Bullion"

70mm Navy Pilot "Bullion"

70mm Navy Pilot " Balfour 10K"

70mm Navy Pilot " Vanguard Sterling"

70mm Navy Pilot " Amico Sterling"

70mm Navy Pilot " H-H 1/2010K Ster"

2" Navy Pilot " Balfour Sterling"

Naval Navigator


70mm Navy Navigator " H-H 1/2010K Ster"

Naval Observer


70mm Navy Observer " Robbins Co Attenborough Mass Sterling"

Naval Flight Surgeon


70mm Navy Flight Surgeon " N.S. Meyer New York"

2" Navy Flight Surgeon " Vanguard N.Y."

Naval Radar Operator


70mm Navy Radar Operator " H-H 1/2010K Ster"

70mm Navy Radar Operator Bullion

Naval Tactical Observer


70mm Navy Tactical Observer " NS Meyer"

Naval Aircrew


2" Navy Aircrew "Amico Sterling"

Naval V-5 Program


Navy V-5 Wing

Navy V-5 Pin

Other WWII


Navy Flight Nurse Side cap Badge
"Vanguard NY Sterling"