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3" Senior Pilot- NS Meyer

3" Senior Pilot - "12-C Sterling"
Vietnam Era
Attributed to B-47- T-28  Pilot - Norm Crocker

3" Post WWII Pilot " Balfour Sterling B-1"
Attributed to B-47- T-28  Pilot - Norm Crocker

3"  Senior Observer " NS Meyer 9M"

3" Flight Engineer "Meyers NY  9M"

2" Flight Engineer "Meyers NY  9M"

70mm Navy Pilot " Balfour 1/20 10K GF"
Very nice Meyer 9M Aircrew in the complete, original, packaging.
Interesting to note that it has a 900 pin!
3" Flight Engineer "Meyers NY  9M" C/B
Here is an excellent example of one of the most faked wings out there.
This is a authentic post war 2 piece Flight Engineer wing. The majority of these wings were made after the end of the war.
This wing has raised Meyer hallmarks, the shield and 9M which puts in in the Korean War era.
 It comes with ORIGINAL packaging not attached to some random Meyer card.
The wing is unissued with storage wear, the cellophane on the box is ripped but almost all there.
Die Struck , clutchback , flat face clutches, short posts

2" Navy Observer " H-H 1/20 GF  307"

"Armchair Pilot" Unofficial
 Looks to be theater made
Attributed to Vice Admiral Bernard Forbes Jr.
1960's Era

3" Crash Crew " NS Meyer "