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WWI Army Air Service

WWI "Dallas: Wing
3" Sterling Pinback Wings

WWI Bullion Pilot
Attributed to Major John Huffer
Commander  93th and 94th Aero Squadrons

3" Pilot 30's style - BB&B Pattern "Sterling"
Bullion Junior Military Aviator

3" 1930's Airship pilot
" Pasquali & Co. Sterling"

 I have been trying to track down the origin of these wings for several years. The following is my theory: This wing (mine) was purchased several years ago on eBay; It came out of the western part of the U.S.. This was the first one saw  on eBay, since then I have seen several more. At first, they all came out of the west, now they have been seen all over the country. A set of these also turned up in a 30-year-old collection. I have since held 3 of these, and each one had a different pin. A collector friend who had access to a spectrometer  had a set analyzed and apparently the silver was of a type used in the 40's. The construction is correct, soldered posts and they are die struck. The wings are very heavy. The first thing that jumps out is the spelling "Pasquali” (of which I can find no reference) NOT "Pasquale" which was a known wing maker. In addition, the wing I have has a very lightweight pin, the wing from the older collection had a heavier pin, the third wing had different wing from the other two. Finally, there was yet another set of these being sold by a dealer who was selling off much of the old stock of an shop called "The House of Swords". Apparently, this store commissioned many incredibly well made fakes of all types, lots of Nazi items and WWI wings. Though yet another collector, I discovered that apparently it was a family member of the owner of the House of Swords that was selling this old stock on eBay and privately through this intermediary dealer.  This intermediary dealer was located out west. I know that there is a lot conjecture here on my part, but the facts seem to add up. A collector buys one of these in the late 70's early 80's, nice pin possibly from the House of Swords, or on the secondary market. The owner of the House of Swords dies suddenly, and these wings disappear from the market. 30 years later, A family member starts "cleaning out the basement" and these wings resurface, possibly without the pin. Pins are added with whatever is handy, and they start showing up on the market again. Please feel free to drop me an email if you have any other info that either proves or disproves my theory!"


1" 1930's Style Airship pilot " Sterling"
 (unsure of date)

WWI Enlisted Pilot Sleeve wing
Matched set Air Service Officers Collar Insignia
Marked "BB&B Sterling"
Sew on style

Matched set Air Service Officers Collar Insignia

 Officer's Collar Insignia

Matched set First Lieutenant's Bars
Marked "BB&B Sterling"

WWI Lafayette Escadrille Ribbon

First Army Air Service Patch

 Officer's Cap Insignia

WWI Naval Air Service

Other WWI Era Navy Wings

70mm  Pilot "Sterling"
Has traces of "gold" in the feathers

40mm Pilot Unmarked

40mm  Early Pilot Unmarked "droop wing"

70mm 1930's Navy Observer - "Sterling"

1920's 2" Tiffany Navy Pilot