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The following are some useful links dealing with collecting wings and patches:


The US Militaria Forum  
I post regularly!

The Michigan Company of Military Historians and Collectors
I have been a member since 1978!

 A site for collectors of militaria insignia GREAT INFO on reproductions. A must read!

Aviation Wings and Badges of World War II
One of the best "wings" sites around

American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of  World War Two
Great reference site for WWII patches

The World of Military Wings
Chris Langley's excellent international wing site!

The 244th Engineer Combat Bn
Dave Kaufman's Tribute Site to his Father's Service in WWII

Patrick's Wings of WWI & WWII
Patrick Frost's web site dedicated to his wing collection and the hobby.

US Constabulary History Site
The title says it all!

The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors - Where the really old collectors hang out.

The Burleson Sanitarium History Page
One of my other sites

Gun Collecting Related:

Surplus Rifle Forum

Gunboard's Forums

IN Gun Owners Forum



Wings And Things

Military Aviation Artifacts

Der Dienst
My web design site, contact me if you need web design work!